How Harley Street Skin Care can help with problem skin

Clean Technology for Acne

Whether it's due to genetics, larger pore size, or over reactive skin, acne-prone types break out more easily than their peers. Age often determines whether the acne is bacterial, hormonal, or hereditary, and depending on the severity, consistent topical care can clear skin. For more stubborn cases, a visit to a dermatologist for antibiotic and retinol options may be in order.
Clean Skin Technology is formulated to help treat and control acne and oily skin
Acne usually affects people between the age of 12 and 25 but can carry on much later into life. It often affects the face and jaw line but can also affect other areas of the body. Acne can range from fairly mild to very severe where cysts and spots are externally painful. Acne has nothing to do with being clean or dirty, acne is often caused by excess oil being produced by the body due to hormones.
Harley Street products can be mix and matched to help with different skin problem
Use the Clean Technology range and 24/7 Anytime moisture surge SPF 20 to combat acne

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If you have acne and sensitive skin add the Miracle Serum into your routine

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