Why you need to try the Clean Skin Technology Regime

If you've had enough of problem skin and acne. You need to try this brand new technologically advanced skincare.  Loved by bloggers and influencers, our clean skin technology is set to be the next best thing for acne prone skin. The range combines the best ingredients from science and nature, selected for their specific properties that target the various causes of acne. 


The range has 5 products which used together will achieve maximum results. The products however are high performance and therapeutic so will make a difference independently. 

The Exfoliating Cleanser:

Your cleanser is where it all begins, its vital for a good skincare routine. 

Key ingredients:

Orange oil- Antibacterial 

Cumin- Full of vitamins for cellular renewal

Ribes Nigrum Fruit- Antioxidant, protecting your skin from the dangers of free-radicals.

Silica- We use of finely ground quartz, to gently, mechanically exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to give a smoother, brighter results.

Renewal Lotion:

A multifunctional skin resurfacing lotion packed with a powerful combination of glycol and salicylic.  Fights spots, breakouts and open and large pores. It will leave you with  dramatically smoother, clearer and more luminous looking skin.

Key ingredients:

Glycolic- dissolves dead skin cells and penetrates skin deeply an easily, making it effective for treating acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness and open pores.

Salicylic- anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, helps reduce sebum and dissolve the keratin plugs that block pores.

Hyaluronic Acid- holds moisture

Oil-Free Moisturiser 

This moisturiser is an anti-bacterial and anti redness cream. It leaves you with a soft matte finish. This is what we call our intelligent moisturiser. Rich in vitamins , anti oxidants and age defending kelp extract. 

Key ingredients:

Honey- calming, healing and anti-bacterial 

Vitamin E-  antioxidant and moisture binding

Kelp- helps to stimulate healthy skin cell production

Sweet Orange- anti bacterial 

Hydrolysed silk- This special ingredient holds moisture. It adapts to your skins needs in different climates, providing moisture when your skin needs it.


Pore Minimising Mask 

An exfoliating, pore reducing mask that leaves your skin feeling like velvet. Works by mechanically exfoliating your skin using crushed diamonds on the outside, yes crush diamonds. The glycol and salicylic penetrate the pores to clear debris and unclog pores and reduce the bacteria.

Key ingredients:

Glycolic Acid- dissolves dead skin cells and unblocks pores

Salicylic Acid- reduces oil and bacteria

Retinol- Stimulates new skin

Green Tea extract- calming and repairing


Antioxidants- help repair radical damage

Use twice weekly for best results


If you are tempted to try these products, use the code VIP10 at checkout for £10 off your order and please let us know what you think. 

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  • Posted by Bridget Guidera on

    I have been using Harley street products for 2 months now and i have to say, it is very good and I would recommend that all should try , i have noticed a big change in my skin and appearance, and i will continue to use only these products.

  • Posted by Bridget on

    I Have been using Harley Street, Stemcell products for the last 11 weeks, I must say I am very pleased with them, and I will continúe To use only there products from now, I Have noticed a slow chance but a good change. It is a must for me. I am very happy with Harley Street products and my Specialst Skin Advisor ,Sally. She is lovely and explains every detail about Skin Care. Thank you To Sally and Harley Street.

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