Why you need to embrace your ageing

In Hollywood years, once a woman surpasses her twenties, she’s suddenly no longer ‘young’. However, what does that matter, when leading women are dominating our screens in each decade. Here’s why you need to embrace your ageing.

Society is changing

Society and the media, are two key aspects for making a woman feel insecure. We are constantly bombarded with photography of women without a line or crease to their face. 

Though times are changing; older women such as Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Meryl Streep, are just a few names at the top of Hollywood movies. 

Cameron Diaz has published two books encouraging all females to love the ageing process, while even in the modelling industry, women over 50 are in ad campaigns and on Fashion Week runways. 

You will live longer 

According to Happify, research suggests that those who feel positive about ageing, can get 7.5 extra years. That’s almost a decade of additional time given to you, just for accepting the laws of nature.

And be happier

Those years of living longer, will also be spent being happier. A study once proved that the older you are, the happier you can be.

Which means those portrayals of a ‘grumpy old man’ and the sadness of ageing and missing youth, are most likely bad stereotypes. 

Denial equals more stress

If you don’t know how stress affects your skin, read our Stress Awareness Day guide. Rather than build up anxiety and fear, if you embrace your age and look forward to your future (and all that comes with it), you will look and feel better.

How to embrace your ageing

With all those reasons to embrace ageing, you might be left wondering how.

The trick is prevention. You cannot rewind time and take away those moments of indulgence and sun worship. You can on the other hand, take yourself today and make yourself the healthiest and youngest version possible.

You are never too old to quit smoking, start regular exercise and maintain a well-balanced diet. Taking care of yourself will increase your self-positivity. That in turn will reset the clock.

And in dealing with those signs of ageing that you might want to decrease, we are here to help. Our secret is Stem Cellutions.

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