Why the way you sleep is causing your breakout

There's nothing worse than going to sleep with good clear skin and waking up to Mount Vesuvius on your cheek. Major day ruiner right? 

We all know that getting our rest is an important part of our skin care regime, beauty sleep right? But did you know that the way we slumber could be causing our breakouts. While it's super comfy to sleep with your face planted in your pillow, it could be causing the zit fairy to attack. In some cases, sleeping on your front can cause Acne Mechania- a skin condition caused by pressure and rubbing. 

The Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service have said that only 8% of us sleep on our backs. Which means the majority of us snoozers sleep on our sides, front or in the fetal position. 

Sleeping on your side or stomach allows oil from your hair to come into contact with the skin, which can lead to breakouts. And are you changing your pillow case weekly? Because team your face planting with the bacteria on your pillows, its no surprise we are breaking out. Dirt, dust, and oil can collect on your pillowcase. Add to that some possible night dribble (eek!) and your pillowcase becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Ahhhhh, you say, makes sense eh? So, how about tonight sleeping on your back. Ensure you have a mattress that supports you. The better support the less likely you are to roll on your side or front. 

Happy Sleeping!!!

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