Why moisturising is so so important

Regardless of your skin type and age, everyone needs to moisturise. It’s as essential as brushing your teeth.

The trick is in finding the right moisturiser for you. You can read our guide on understanding your skin type which will help you in choosing what one to buy.

The environment – pollution, sun damage, central heating and even your shower can all wreak havoc on your skin. Moisturising is not just about hydration. 

It helps balance your skin

If you have an oily complexion for example, your skin could be over-producing oil in an attempt to balance out your lack of water. A hydrating lotion such as our Clean Tech Oil Free Hydrator, will resolve this problem and leave you will less oil-pads being pressed against your T-zone.

Likewise, if you have dry skin, you need a moisturiser to stop your skin from becoming flaky or feeling tight. 

It reverses the effects of other products

Many cleansers today are full of harsh ingredients and perhaps chemicals that strip your pH and leave your skin quite vulnerable. Without using a moisturiser to re-hydrate, your skin can not fully recover.

 It can add nourishment 

With the advancement of technology and research, moisturisers are multi-functional and can target various factors in one product. 

This includes a host of vitamins that will increase radiance and boost anti-oxidants – a necessity to decrease signs of ageing. Our Stem Cellutions Hydro contains apple stem cells, anti-oxidants and peptides to stimulate cell growth and production of elastin. All leading to firmer, healthier skin.

 It makes a great makeup base

Because if you’re planning on heading out with a dash of concealer or a blend of foundation, it will never look as flawless without a rub of cream or lotion beforehand. 

Overall, moisturising makes us longer younger, healthier and provides us with skin smooth and supple. It feels wonderful after applying and the benefits are ongoing. It is purely vital to wake up in the morning and use one and preferably at night as well.

When we sleep, our body restores and also needs protection. 

Our skin is made up of a multitude of layers and a moisturiser is the first line of defence for our top layer – the epidermis. 

We recommend to be aware of your skin type before purchasing and to be aware of brands who fail to deliver reputable science behind their products. 


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    I have oily skin & keep coming out with blemishes on my face very sensitive, what cream to use

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