Why Moisturising is so important?

In the same way that drinking water everyday is vital for the care of your skin, moisturising is equally important. Now you wouldn’t dream of ignoring your body’s needs by not drinking water, so you shouldn’t go a day without hydrating the largest organ in your body. And that’s your skin by the way. Yep, your skin is your largest and most seen organ, so you really should be moisturising twice, or at least once a day. 

So why is moisturising so important?

Well besides leaving your skin looking super silky, soft and healthy many creams contain ingredients like caffeine which aid in fullness, plumpness and perkiness. In our Daily Maintenance Regime, we have a firming serum which contains Retinol. Retinol is a big secret in skincare, research shows that Retinol or Vitamin A is an extremely effective skin transforming ingredient that stimulates new skin, and helps with the elasticity for younger looking complexion. Why not hey? If you can slow down the clock with a product that is scientifically proven to work and keep you glowing, it's a done deal.

Moistur-rising, now the word moisture is the key here. What the products tend to do is lock in water with key ingredients like “humectants” which attract water to skin cells, “occulsives” which protect the skin from moisture loss in the heat or wind, and “emollients” which soften coarse and dry skin. Keeping your skin moisturised protects, prevents and perfects your skins complexion.

Convinced yet? Are you now converted to daily moisturising? Yes? Maybe? Sort of? Well if the above didn’t entice you enough, let me retry the phrase, anti-ageing. It is proven that everyday use of moisturiser does have great benefits in the long term, hydrating your skin allows the cells to function at their best which means a fast turnover of new skin and voila anti- ageing benefits.  In this study from the British Journal of Dermatology  those who used moisturizer were found to develop wrinkles at a fraction of the rate of those with dry skin.

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