Why it’s important to love yourself first


It’s easy to love another. Once you get past their faux pas and actually start to acknowledge the traits of the person you’re with – not the ones you fantasised about after the first date. You’ll find yourself free-falling in adoration. 

Society encourages this love. From a young age, fairy-tales and animation are seeped into our psyche. ‘Love is all around us’ as the song says. Or for those unhappily single, love is around every poster, film and view that doesn’t have us in the frame.

Self-love is more fundamental. You don’t free-fall to it; you push yourself everyday to not want to act as your worst enemy.

It affects relationships

All the insecurity and self-doubt brewing in your mind has to overflow somewhere. 

The more open you become with your partner, the more self-doubt will unravel. Maybe you’ll wonder why they are even with you, or how long until they scour for an upgrade.

Deeper still, is the relationship equal? 

Some believe that their partners are their better halves. But humans are whole to begin with. And when you step into a commitment, you want to bring your best self forward.

It’s not about avoiding all doubt as perfection is an unrealistic goal. Build the steps to be kinder however, imagine if your mind was a separate, actual person. Would you change your words then?

It makes you be your best

If you love yourself, you will find less worry and anxiety bubbling. 

You will strive that much higher. Without this affection, you won’t see your capabilities. They will be hiding behind a brick wall afraid of ever showing in front of your negative thoughts.

The love will radiate

Why ‘fake it till you make it’? Surely it’s preferable to have your inner confidence in full bloom?

They say that your insides reflect your outer appearance. As important as beauty regimes are, there is nothing more attractive than feeling good in your skin.

Self-Love will change your attitude

On the other hand, feeling worthy enough to take care of you, will encourage you to make the most of your health and wellbeing. 

Of course as a skin company, we truly realise the benefits of treating the largest organ in your body. More than that, we value the notion that taking care of yourself always rewards you back. 

Love yourself first

Above all the reasons mentioned on the importance of self-love, I have to put emphasis on loving yourself first.

Despite perhaps misconceptions, it’s not a selfish choice. We project our feelings; achieving your potential in love, will copy over to friends, family, children and people you encounter.

It’s something that we should have ingrained from the beginning. There is maximum coverage placed on physical beauty and appeal, with insecurity affecting the majority of us.

This is the moment to take a stand and realise that we are as human and as equal as all those we give love to. In our daily lives, we are challenged repeatedly, questioned over decisions and at the finest of times, left wondering if we are doing ok.

Never once valuing our own judgement; love yourself first and conclude that the answers to your own happiness lie within you. 






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