Why is cleansing so important?

Here at Harley Street we are strong advocates of cleansing, this is because it is one of the most effective ways to achieve that glowy, gorgeous skin we love. Cleansing allows your skin to breathe; keeping it healthier, clearer and much more radiant.

Research shows that cleansing will keep you looking younger for longer. YES!!! And who doesn't want to look good for as long as possible? Every second of the day our skin is ageing, but the very simple process of washing your face before bed is an excellent way to mitigate other factors associated with ageing. Cleansing also helps to stimulate the internal factors which fight ageing. 

As we sleep at night, our skin is trying to rejuvenate in time for the next day. Research shows that our cells divide and replenish over night, as well as this there is talk on DNA repair, the natural process by which a cell regularly detoxifies itself. And like many of our organs, our skin can tell the night from day. Cleansing away the dirt and make up from your day helps the skin to repair itself.  Sleeping with make up on skin deprives your skin of vital nutrients that block the natural exfoliating process, which can leave your skin looking dull.

At night our nocturnal blood flow is much, much higher, and when blood flow is increased, so is absorption. This means the products will work better and actually penetrate in to the skin. So if you aren't washing your face, theres no point even applying products. 

Its quite common to wake up with dryer more dehydrated skin in the morning, and this is because your skins temperature rises overnight and this leads to water loss, evaporation. According to scientific research "transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is significantly increased during the night, which is why our skin can sometimes feel more itchy at night. Thus, if you don’t wash your face, you can’t apply a moisturizer which will help hydrate your skin while you sleep".

So, you've got it right, cleansing at night is super important. But in the same way, you've  got to be washing in the mornings too. As your skin recovers and replenishes over night, it means in the AM you have more dead skin cells to wash off. As well as all those, you have excess sebum (oil) to get rid of. And unfortunately, water just isn't enough. Water alone removes about 65% of debris and oil, so that leaves you with 35% oil, gunk and dead skin cells.

Just imagine putting your make up on top excess oils and dead skin cells. Yeah....no thanks.

So, you ask...

What cleansers are good for my skin type?

Our Daily cleanser, contains powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, as well as Vitamin A and C which cleanses and firms the pores, as well as increasing the rate of new cell formation. All perfect for over night replenishing. Our every Daily Cleanser is perfect for Dry, Sensitive, Delicate, Rosacea or irritated skin. Try this product now 

Your cleanser really is where it all begins. If your skin is clean and free from dead cell build up the products you apply will have a better chance of penetration and activity. Our Exfoliating cleanser offers deep, non irritating cleansing and leaves the skin soft and smooth. This product is for people who suffer with oily, acne prone skin. The key ingredients are full of vitamins for cellular renewal, antibacterial and anti-oxidant. This special product also contains silica, which finely ground quartz. The silica gently and mechanically exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to give a smoother, brighter result. Buy now

If you're a little older and looking for an anti ageing cleanser. You need to try our StemCellutions Hydro Cleanser. This product is constantly selling out, you skin will never be left dry or tight.  It contains anti ageing peptides, vitamins A,B,C and E as well as tons of antioxidants which help prevent cell damage and slow down the ageing process. Try it here 

If you fancy trying one of our cleansers. Use the code VIP10 at checkout for £10 off your order. Also... if you haven't signed up to our mailing list, do it! You will receive 10% off your order.  

And did you know that pollution is a major factor in the ageing process, if you live in a big city your face is picking up all the nasty pollution. Another important reason to cleanse. Read our blog on Pollution and ageing here 

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