Vitamin A: The Wrinkle Fighter

As the colder weather moves in, it’s time to get skincare savvy and give your skincare routine a re-think. We all know that taking the right mix of vitamins is crucial for long term health but as we grow older they can also play a vital role in fighting the signs of ageing. Research shows that the body is only capable of delivering a small percentage of vitamins ingested to the skin and even then there’s no way you can direct them to tackle problem areas – like pigmentation or wrinkles. The answer is to apply vitamins topically to deliver potent nutrients exactly where you need it – from smoothing wrinkles, calming redness to erasing dark circles. A number of cosmetic companies first introduced vitamins into their skin creams in the 1930s. The two most common vitamins used then were A and D, but since then the list has grown considerably with the studies showing that using the right mix of topical vitamins whether in cream, oil or serum form will help keep your skin supple and glowing. 

Anyone who wants younger looking should be thinking about this powerhouse, Vitamin A. When applied to the skin, Vitamin A can boost collagen and is the fastest solution for wrinkle reduction, often showing first results in less than two months. This superstar ingredient will also fade pigmentation and help keep skin healthy and clear.


Retinoid acid and retinyl palmitate are all forms of Vitamin A in various forms and strengths– the strongest, retinoic acid, is only available on prescription, while over the counter products usually contain retinoids/ retinyl linoleate (a synthetic form of Vitamin A). All forms are potent and effective but side effects include redness and itchy skin so if you are new to Vitamin A try over the counter products first because the retinol they contain is slowly converted to retinoic acid, the active ingredient in prescription creams, but in smaller amounts. All forms are best used as a night cream mostly, because sunlight makes most forms of vitamin A.

What products contain Vitamin A?

Daily Cleanser: Includes antioxidants, antiseptics as well as Honey dew melon with vitamin A and C, which cleanse and firm the pores.

Our Firming Serum and Pore Minimising Mask both contain retinol, which is amazing for stimulating new skin as well as helping with skin elasticity for younger looking skin. 



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