Understand your skin type

To maximise your skin’s potential and to radiate a flawless base, you have to understand your skin type. Using the wrong products for you – regardless of their price or recommendations, can actually cause your skin more concerns.

There are four different types:

Oily – Tends to produce more sebum which leads to a shiny surface, open pores, blackheads and occasionally spots.

Dry – Can feel uncomfortable, tight and potentially flaky. It often appears to look dull. It’s caused by the protective barrier of oil breaking down in the lower level of the skin which lets water evaporate.

Combination – A mix of oil and dryness. Usually the T-zone (centre of your face) is shiny and reflects an oily skin type, while the cheeks could be either normal or dry.

Normal – The ideal skin; normal has a perfect balance of oil and water. As a result, it generally looks healthy, supple and smooth.

The best thing to do is to wash your face in the morning and then wait a minute to analyse. Ensure you cleanse with something gentle otherwise your cleanser could edit the outcome. 

Where it begins to get a little more complicated, is in discussing skin conditions. Skin types are what you are born with and due to genetics, you can only control and help decrease the problems. Whereas skin conditions – dehydration, sensitivity, pigmentation; are treatable as they are caused by external factors.

Skipping daily moisturising and using harsh ingredients for example, can make your complexion dehydrated. 

Most people confuse dry and dehydrated skin. Dry is an absence of oil and dehydrated is a lack of water. Oily skin can be dehydrated; instead of producing the water you need, it tries to substitute with more oil.

How to understand

Once you have washed your face in the morning and waited to analyse the feel and texture, pay close attention to your lifestyle and products.

Do you drink plenty of water? Are you over-scrubbing? Do any particular items make your skin irritated after using?

As the largest organ, skin is easily influenced by the environment, in addition to your age and lifestyle. It’s worth noting any bad habits because they can be contributing. You can read our Skin Resolutions 2018 guide for extra skin tips.

When you feel confident with your skin type, you can then begin to purchase products. 

At Harley Street Skin Care, we have designed three different ranges which each target every type and condition. We believe that science and nature work best together and that good skin should not be given beauty routines that cause harsh irritation or side-effects.

You can find out more on our suggestions by clicking through our skin type category at the top of our website. 




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