Top workout skincare tips (and why it’s SO important to look after your skin when exercising)

Do you sweat buckets in your workout then wash your face with the in-shower body wash afterwards? Perhaps you even moisturise with the gym’s own body lotion as a holding measure until you get home. But this is a mistake.

The harsh products meant for cleansing the skin on your body can wreak havoc with your complexion.

Firstly they can cause serious dryness, which may leave your face flaky and even sore to begin with, and lead to excess sebum production and spots. Meanwhile perfumes and oils in generic body lotions can also disturb the delicate balance of the skin on your face.

Leaving your makeup on won’t help either.

Getting hot and sweaty while training is the whole idea – don’t hold back while you train! But your pores open and your skin wants to breathe, and makeup – especially old makeup – as well as bacteria and pollutants on the skin can sink in and cause complexion problems.

Talking about getting spots in the gym environment, even entering with a clean face, blemish-causing airborne bacteria can be rife – but that doesn’t mean you should avoid training. This is where a good post-workout skincare regime comes in.

Here are my top tips & products for pre and post-gym skincare to keep your skin looking good while getting your daily workout in.


Before you hit the gym floor, make sure you remove any makeup with a makeup remover.

Next, have a good cleanse of your face, neck and decolette with a proper face cleanser. You could also use micellar water to remove makeup and cleanse in one go. I would suggest Harley Street Skin Care 24/7 Daily Cleanser.

Finally, tone or use a facial mist, then apply a lightweight moisturiser which absorbs quickly. I recommend Monroe London Hydro Spray.

You don’t need SPF but you want your skin as cleansed, prepped and protected as possible.


Cleanse again with proper face cleanser, and then exfoliate with either a mask left on for 5 minutes in the sauna or with a fine facial scrub in the shower. Now is the time you want to scrub off the dead skin and bacteria and pamper your skin.

Follow with a hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C-based serum, which will boost youthfulness, such as the Clean Skin Technology Renewal Lotion . Hyaluronic acid will retain water on the face for hydration, while Vitamin C will act as a powerful antioxidant. Skin will appear plump and dewy with fewer lines – exactly the opposite of the dry, tight skin caused by in-shower body wash and cheap body lotion.

Definitely use a factor 20-50 SPF to finish, protecting your skin from the sun once you leave the fitness studio. Try Monroe's Complex clear SPF 50 or HSSC'S Anytime moisture surge.

By Deni Kirkova

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