The Fundamental Beauty Tips from the French

We're still wondering how the French get their je ne sais quoi. From their healthy and delicious diet to stylish wardrobe - we're rookies compared to their effortlessly cool lifestyle. 

The French are convinced it's down to their simple way of life. By not over complicating beauty regimes and investing in brilliant products. They choose products that work for their skin and make them feel pampered. Looking after our skin should feel luxurious and not like a chore. 

 It's time to stop searching for the trendiest product, quick fixes and instant gratification that won't give you tres bon French chic. Focusing on long-term benefits in products will help you find your beauty regime and the Holy Grail products. 

 Less is so much more for the French. If you have radiant and smooth skin there is no need to cover it up with lots of makeup. Think of about it, the signature Brigette Bardot look was red lippy, mascara and black eye liner. Or even the British born-French Icon Jane Birkin didn't coat herself in cover ups or powders. They highlight that if you have a wonderful skin care there is no need to hide it. 

Although it all comes down to 'you are what you eat'. Your skin is one of the largest organs of your body. It will show the results of too much sugar or processed foods. Dine like a Parisian and stick to healthy fats, proteins, wholemeal and oats. You won't only feel the benefits, you will see it too. 


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