The Best Foods to Keep Hydrated During Summer

Drinking water is not the only way to hydrate your skin. In summer, it’s important to give your hydration levels an extra boost, by opting to eat more foods which have a large water content. Here are our favourites:


Green vegetables

    Spinach, cucumber, cabbage, celery and Iceberg lettuce all contain a high percentage of water. Cucumber in particular, comprises of 95%. Additionally, this green vegetable contains Vitamin C which helps soothe skin and is low in calories whilst high in fibre.

Next time you make a salad, think about bulking your variety of green veg, and remember to slice some cucumber.



Citrus fruit

    From oranges to lemons and grapefruit, citrus fruit is packed full of water. To instantly wake-up on the right side of hydration, we suggest squeezing lemon into your first drink of water. This will help aid digestion and kick-start your day. To get more creative, you can also try adding some fresh mint leaves to your glass.



Dark chocolate, berries and beans

    These three different food types all have one thing in common – they are high in antioxidants. Pecans, spinach and kale also make the list. When choosing dark chocolate, try to opt for ones which contain a strong percentage of cocoa.

Antioxidants repair dehydrated skin and help prevent dehydration in the first place – a factor for premature ageing. They are therefore your best friend in the fight against ageing, and likewise in the fight for hydration. Our

range is full of antioxidants and various hydrators to keep skin looking bright and youthful. 




    Spuds are a humble kitchen staple and probably used in most house-holds on a weekly basis. Many are unaware however, just how healthy and nourishing they are for our bodies. Potatoes are perfect for increasing H20 as well as potassium. We advise to leave the skin on when cooking, to gain more nutritional benefit.



Plain yoghurt

    Yoghurt is typically used in many home-made mask recipes and beauty routines, due to its wonderful skin benefits. It’s powerful combination of water and potassium, means it is a great option for rehydration. For double advancement, add a selection of berries to your bowl.



Other note-worthy hydrating food

    Tomatoes, carrot, cauliflower, bell peppers, cantaloupes and peaches. Papaya is a top choice for raising your hydrating levels, not just due to its water levels, but for its antioxidant properties.



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