Retinol for Skin: Our Guid To Your Must Have Ingredient



The beauty industry doesn’t always agree on the best solutions for skin concerns. But if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, from magazine editors to dermatologists, it’s the power of retinol. Originally prescribed in the 70’s as an acne treatment, retinol has gone through many forms of clinical studies, with results consistently proving that retinol spurs the production of collagen – significant for ensuring skin is firm, smooth and youthful. Retinol today, is a must-have product for people of all ages. 


What is retinol?

    A derivative of Vitamin A, retinol improves skin-tone and texture, combats signs of ageing, improves elasticity of the skin, pigmentation, spots and even helps to brighten. In short, retinol is a hero product which should be stored in all medicine cabinets and beauty drawers. 



Myths and false claims

    With so many benefits and fantastic trials behind it, retinol has and is continually discussed throughout the news. The non-stop press has led for a few false claims and myths to seep through along the way. Firstly, retinols do not increase your risk of sunburn. Whether you apply retinols or not, sun protection should always be worn daily, including when the weather is cold. Secondly, some retinol-based products may cause slight irritation for a couple of weeks, however, clinical studies have shown that after a few weeks, skin cells adapt. 

At Harley Street Skin Care, we are very careful with the dosage of retinol we apply in our products. We always formulate ingredients together to provide effective and fast-results without side-effects. Our Anytime Moisture Surge SPF20, is rich in anti-oxidants, contains Frankincense oil for healthy cell regeneration, and uses retinol (Retinyl Palmitate) which is gentle enough for sensitive skin, but will still improve and target skin cells.




Other Retinol products to try

24-7 Firming Serum – An incredible unisex product which is great for all skin types. The Retinyl Palmitate will prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, by repeatedly shedding the upper dermal layer which will encourage skin to produce new cells and regenerate collagen. This serum additionally contains vitamin E to protect from the environment and UV radiation.

Clean Tech Pore Minimising Mask – The retinol in this mask will stimulate cell turnover, and is fantastic for anyone who suffers from spots and acne. Glycolic Acid will remove the build-up of dead skin cells, while anti-bacterial Salicylic Acid, will reduce sebum production and pore blocking.

Clean Tech Oil Free Moisturiser – Our vitamin rich, light-weight cream, this Clean Tech moisturiser is your go-to when it comes to battling oil. Maintaining moisture levels, adapting to different climates and with anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial ingredients. The retinol contained will help ensure skin looks smooth and radiant.

Stem Cellutions Hydro Moisturiser – Want hydrated, restored elasticity and firmer and younger looking skin? This is the cream for you. Myristoyl Pentapeptide-11 is an elastic and collagen stimulator, used along with Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12, to keep natural moisture intact. The retinol inside this moisturiser will drastically improve cell turnover and help you defy signs of ageing. 









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