Relight your skincare routine

In keeping with the Christmas lights and festivities, have you thought about relighting your skin care regime this November. With the chill in the air, mince pies already on the shelf, it's time you brace yourself for the wintery nights ahead. To look your best at the Christmas parties and festive functions you should be keeping an eye on the products you are using.


I know we wouldn't describe the weather as um, sunny but you should still be wearing an SPF everyday. With the temperature starting to dip and the sun setting even earlier, we understand your first impulse is to throw your SPF under the sink. But you need to be protecting your skin against UV damage all year round. Incidental sun exposure- the kind you get on your way to work has serious effects on your skin. UV damage will result in premature ageing, fine lines and sagging skin. Our Anytime Moisture Surge contains an SPF, but remains a light weight anti ageing moisturiser. The product gives an immediate moisture boost, helping plump fine lines and wrinkles. The quickly absorbing product is also rich in anti-oxidants which are renowned anti ageing ingredients.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise... 

So you are already using a daily cream or moisturiser which is great but you need to be using a good winter product to lock in your skin's natural moisture. So what do we mean by winter products. A great winter moisturiser enhances the moisture content of your skin while improving it's smoothness. The winter air can really dry out our precious skin, the dry air and our central heating in our homes can cause our skin to flake and become itchy, dry and dull. We recommend a good night cream, our StemCellutions Hydro Night Moisturiser is the best product for maximum repair and moisture retention and replenishment. This Award Winning product contains a potent complex of apple Stem Cells, anti-oxidants and peptides to stimulate skin cell growth and production of elastin and collagen for younger, firmer healthier skin, this moisturising cream revitalises and restores elasticity. 

Your Cleanser...

Change your cleanser

Foaming cleansers feel great in summer, when sweat and sebum can be an issue, but in winter when things are altogether drier, it's worth switching to a softer, creamier cleanser. A good cleanser should not strip your skin from its natural moisture.  We have them to prepare our skin and remove the impurities and dead cells in time for the next steps we take in our routine. Dr Aamer Khan of the renowned Harley Street Skin Clinic recommend's a Hydro Cleanser which is packed with StemCells, Vitamin C and antioxidants. 


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