How to reboot your skin care routine

September is a month of change, whether you are a parent with kids going back to school, a student, a teacher going back to work or a regular full time 9 to 5'er. Your September will involve change, be it the weather, your routine or change in you know, energy. Before long we will be thinking about the dreaded C word, with gift shopping, food buying, over eating and mulled wine drinking. But for now, lets focus on September  and making the most of rebooting our routine.  

September is that in between month, while we prepare for Autumn. These Autumnal months call for a more sophisticated routine. Let's prep for the change in weather, as we all know how the wind dries out our skin. And we presume that during the summer months, you have been using a more lightweight moisturiser, so try using a more heavy duty cream with a thicker texture.

Our StemCellutions Moisture Drink contains a complex of apple stem cells, anti-oxidants and peptides to stimulate skin cell growth and production of elastin and collagen for younger, firmer healthier skin, this moisturising cream revitalises and restores elasticity, keeping skin hydrated all day long. 

Even though temperatures are dropping, its still important to wear SPF all year round. Read our blog on The Essentiality of SPF to find out why applying a product with sun screen should be a vital part of your routine. Try our Anytime moisture surge SPF 20.

If you live in the city, I'm sorry to tell you, but you are ageing faster than the country folk.  According to research the sun is no longer the skin’s greatest enemy as scientists uncover the full impact of smog, traffic fumes and dust on our skin. From dehydration and increased sensitivities to wrinkles and redness, air pollution isn’t just damaging health; it’s making your skin look years older, too. Exposed for a few hours, Vitamin E in your skin can reduce by as much as a quarter. Likewise, pigmentation spots can increase by 20%. We recommend Monroe of London's hydro spray. The face mist contains anti-oxidants which protects you from free radical damage. It's these free radicals which cause premature aging, wrinkles and age spots. 

The hydro spray is great because it not only protects your skin from air pollution but keeps your skin hydrated.

If you are tempted to try these products, use the code VIP10 at checkout for £10 off your order and please let us know what you think. 

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