How to Update Your Skincare Routine for the Colder Months

Maybe it was our coffee no longer being iced, or our dresses no longer being worn without tights, but somewhere in between BBQ’s and outdoor fun, the cold sprang upon us. Winter is a delicate time for our skin. Indoor heating along with the frosty air outside, creates a chaotic temperature balance. Not forgetting our extra clothing layers and a likely change in diet. Our skin can become dry, aggravated and fragile. Here is how to update your skincare routine for winter, without causing too much upset:


Increase facial exfoliation 

    Exfoliating your skin is crucial year-long, because removing dead skin cells will help your products to absorb better, as well as creating a smoother and softer surface. In winter, our cells can dehydrate quicker and therefore need to be buffed away faster. We advise against harsh scrubs that can cause irritation. Our Clean Skin Technology Exfoliating Cleanser, is amazing value as a double-action product. The non-abrasive silica beads remove the build of up of dead cells, while the Ribes Nigrum Fruit Extract boosts Vitamin C and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. A cleanser and exfoliator without the need for toner.




Make a mask imperative

    From hot showers to the breezy wind outdoors, our skin’s moisture levels are easily stripped during the fall. This tends to cause a dull, and sometimes uncomfortable, tight feeling. To replenish your skin, our 24-7 Daily Maintenance Regime Vitamin Drip Mask is packed full of vitamins, such as A, C and E. The glycolic contained inside, breaks down a type of glue-like substance on our complexion. This helps unblock pores and thus creates healthier and more radiant skin. The mask is great for all skin-types, but especially suits normal and combination. Additionally, the mask works wonders as a deep, moisturising night cream. Imagine waking up to a complexion that is soft and supple to touch.




Change your moisturiser 

    Regardless of skin type, everyone’s skin tends to become drier during the cold seasons. If you are noticing flakiness or believe your skin to feel dry, it might be time to look for a more intense cream. If you suffer from oiliness and fear using something ‘heavy’, 24-7 Daily Maintenance Regime Anytime Moisture Surge SPF20 is your best friend. Equally, it’s fantastic if you have normal or combination skin. The light-weight, anti-ageing cream absorbs quickly, with Frankincense Oil promoting healthy cell regeneration, and anti-oxidants reducing the look of fine lines. The cream is rich enough to protect moisture barriers levels, yet light enough to not cause excess oil. 

On the other hand, along with dryness, there is winter dehydration. A skin concern (not skin type) which causes dullness, sensitivity and makes skin feel ‘rough’. Often caused by central heating and hot showers, a serum is the way forward to recovery. Oily skin is usually dehydrated – skin produces excess oil in an attempt to replace a lack of water. Clean Skin Technology Renewal Lotion contains sodium hylonurate to hydrate and glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells.




Keep using retinol 

    If you are not yet using this magic ingredient, now is your time to start. We at Harley Street Skin Care, have used expert knowledge to ensure we use the right amount of retionol in products. It’s fantastic for anti-ageing – boosting collagen and making skin firmer. It also makes skin brighter and helps improve acne. Retionol is included in Stem Cellutions Hydro Moisturiser, to stimulate cell turnover. And the moisturiser itself has lipopeptide to help create a barrier between skin cells to keep natural moisture intact. If you want younger and radiant skin now, this cream is highly recommended. 





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