How to survive a long haul flight

So you've managed to pack all your belongings weighing under 22KG, squashed your carry-on liquids into the teeny plastic bag and successfully hopped onto your flight! Hurrah!

You start to get goosebumps, this is the holiday you've been waiting for. You're only a few thousand miles away from your destination... Oh gosh, how long will that take?! You forgot about the most boring part of your holiday. The dreaded long haul flight.

Don't start your holiday by feeling sorry for yourself! This is the prime time to get ready for vacation! Here are a few tips to help those hours fly by!


1. Watch a film... or two, maybe three.

And the choice is yours. You have a wide selection (and plenty of time) to watch the blockbusters you didn't get time to see last month! Just promise to not forget and cry out loud or laugh. Some people may be sleeping, how boring. But it doesn't even matter if you nod off too. You can pause and rewind whenever.


2. Do some journaling.

Time to reflect on how life is treating you right now and why this holiday is so essential. Jot down things you want to do and positive moods you want to feel. This is a sure-fire way to keep work blues at bay and focus on your happiness.


3. Treat your skin!

The air conditioning on the plane terribly dries out your skin. As we get very little oxygen and unfortunately soak up recycled air. It's the worst start for your tanned, gorgeous and glowing skin. Avoid wearing makeup and instead lather up the moisturiser. We suggest you use our Anytime moisture surge with SPF 20. Make sure they're in your hand luggage, prepared to prevent you from the long haul nightmare. 


4. Talk to your neighbour.

It may seem like a weird option as many people just want to sleep. However, these conversations can be incredible to speed up the time. You may even swap ideas and suggestions of how to spend your holiday. You could find out things the guide book didn't tell you about! And this new friendship will make it less awkward when you want to pass them to use the toilet!

No matter what you do in your time, enjoy it, as what lies ahead is an adventure!

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