How to get rid of Acne

  1. Wash your face

Cleansing your face every morning and evening is key to clear skin. Washing your face is simple and obvious but you’d be surprised how many of us skip this important step. This can happen by accident, we are all busy and have different schedules. Sometimes we forget and by the time we remember we are snuggled up under our duvet. So, for those emergencies keep a stash of facial wipes in your bedside stand. This way you don’t have to head to a sink but can still go to sleep with clean skin.

  1. Find the right cleanser

It’s easy to pick any old product off the shelf in boots, but if you really want results you should be using a cleanser suited to your skin type. For a cleanser to be most effective, you have to pay attention to your skin’s needs. If you have sensitive, look for products that contain lactic acid or hydrating ingredients like glycerin. And if your skin tends to be oily, ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid seem to work best.

3. Exfoliate, but not to much.

It is good to scrub your skin, but over exfoliating can cause inflammation , causing redness and making it irritated. For example if you exfoliate a pimple, what you are often left with is a scar. As by scrubbing you are pulling away healthy skin cells and essentially creating an open wound. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week max.

  1. Moisturise

There’s a common misconception that a moisturiser will make your acne worse, but really it can do your acne wonders. If the surface of your skin is parched, dehydrated and dry, the oil glands tend to overproduce oil making your acne worse. However, if you hydrate your skin by moisturising, your skins surface should re-balance the oil glands and help the healing process and control your acne.

  1. Wash your face Post Work-Out

After the gym, wash your face immediately. An exfoliant is good for clearing pores and removing excess oil. It’s useful to pack some facial wipes if you’re on the go. These will remove any leftover dirt, you can find facial wipes that contain Salicylic Acid which will work well to treat your skin and clean it.

  1. Change your pillowcases

Aim to wash your bedding at least once or twice a week. Unwashed pillow cases lead to cross contamination, the bacteria on your bedding builds up and will affect your complexion.

  1. Keep those fingers away

You should know by now, that popping pimples is BAD. We know they’re tempting red tips ready to be squeezed, sitting in peculiar angles on your face, but seriously avoid doing so. Your hands aren’t always clean and dirt under your fingernails with improper squeezing can spread the infection or in fact make it worse. Popping can lead to pitted scars, and pitted scars are the type which take longer to go away.

  1. Ice is Nice

It’s 2 nights before an important event, a big fat zit has arrived. If you’ve washed your face and treated your skin with spot treatment, there isn’t really much you can do. Embracing it is one thing but another is ICE. A cold compress or Ice can help to reduce swelling, if you wrap an icecube in a soft cloth and gently apply to pimple for 20-20 seconds at a time, a few times a day you should see a reduction.

  1. Clean your screen

According to Seattle Times journalist Bobby Caina Calvan, your phone is covered in germs: 25,107 bacteria per square inch, to be precise. This makes cell phones one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day.” Think of how many times a day you touch your phone and then think about all those long phone calls you have where your screen is pressed against your skin.  To keep clear try and clean your screen daily with an alcohol wipe or use the headphone or speaker option instead.

10. Professional Care

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