Do men and women need different skin products?

The beauty industry has changed. It’s widened itself to allow room for the growing business of men’s beauty products. For the past decade, there has been a huge increase in men buying cleansers, exfoliators and lotions, along with their shaving balms. 

If you have a male partner, perhaps you’ve queried if it’s worth using a splodge of their skincare while yours has ran out. Or maybe you’re trying to convince them to share your face mask on a Sunday. Here is what you need to know about skin products targeted at each gender.

Men skin is different

Women’s skincare alone, has ranges for every age and condition. Imagine adding in a separate section for skin that’s thicker, oilier and firmer.

Men’s skin is around 25% thicker, which means ingredients targeted at them, may be stronger. Women’s oil production decreases much sooner than men’s, so while women are more likely to request richer textures, men could need the opposite.

Taking these factors into account, men and women can benefit from using different products as their skin is not the same. Similarly, to how a mother and daughter or two best friends will have different skin issues.

Women won’t need shaving cream

Or after-shave balms for that matter. Not only do opposite genders have opposite skin, their requirements differ. 

When females become older and hormonal effects take place, they may suffer from pigmentation, sudden spot outbreaks, or drier complexions. If a man is not suffering the same, it doesn’t make sense for him to use products that help with these conditions.

Men are more straight-forward

Perhaps stereotypical, but you only have to browse on a cosmetic counter to notice the large wall of skincare for women, next to the shelf marketed at men.

Considering that the male beauty industry is still in its infantile stages compared to women’s, it makes sense that they are not as keen to buy such a wide variety of products. 

There is an exception

Contrary to all these points signally the reasons for both men’s and women’s skin ranges, plenty of skincare lines are suitable for both genders. The trick is to look for non-fragranced items that are not overly specific. SPF is paramount for everyone and should be used regardless.

At Harley Street Skin Care, our products are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, and men are able to use.

Nevertheless, if a man wants skincare that’s taking into consideration how a man might like to smell and what his skincare needs are, it’s worthwhile for him to use different products. Our Monroe of London men’s line is a perfect choice. 

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