5 skincare essentials for summer

The environment wreaks havoc on our skin. With summer approaching and the weather warming up, here are the skincare essentials you need in your kit:

Hydrating mask

Masks are anything but an additional product. They treat a variety of skin concerns and help your complexion to look radiant and healthy, while drawing out impurities.

Because the sun dries out your skin, you need an intensive treatment to help restore moisture. Regardless of your skin type, everyone can suffer from dehydration, as it is a skin condition.

Our 24-7 Vitamin Drip Mask is packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The glycolic can remove dead skin cells and penetrate pores to remove blackheads, as well as reduce the size of open pores. Glycolic itself is a derivative of natural sugar cane. For deep hydrating, use 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes.


The most important in your skincare essentials. It’s easy to forget about applying sunscreen when we are constantly on the go. Sun damage affects us however, even when we believe the sun is not out.

In summer, the risks all increase. You can purchase a separate SPF product or look for a two-in-one with your daily moisturiser. Our 24-7 Moisturising SPF 50 is packed with UVA protection to guard against the rays that cause ageing and wrinkles, but also UVB protection to cover you from ageing and burning.

Eye cream

Eye creams should be used year-long. The skin around your eyes is approximately 30% thinner than the rest of your face. Which means if your complexion is dry, your eyes especially need help.

We have an entire guide on how to find the right eye cream and what to look out for. Read here 

Oil Free Moisturiser

The majority of us require lighter creams and textures in the summer. For those with oily skin, an oil free moisturiser is highly beneficial.

Many on the market aimed at oily skin are quite drying, which then causes more problems. Our Clean Tech Oil Free Hydrator maintains moisture levels, whilst adapting to your skin’s needs in different environments. Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and age-defending kelp extract.


Your skin wants all the protection possible. A serum penetrates deeper in your skin levels and makes all your skin products become more effective. Serums nourish, brighten and strengthen your skin, leading to treatment for many skin concerns created in summer.

Stem Cellutions Miracle Serum is a concentrated anti-ageing skin rejuvenator with peptides and powerful anti-oxidants. If you want luminous skin and a holiday glow without travel, this is the must-have product to buy today.

Please remember

Lots and lots of water! Dry lips are usually a sign of dehydration, so keep your pout looking glossy and drink sips of water during the day. It’s also worth investing in a lip balm with SPF. 

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