5 Reasons September is the best month

August has ended, and everyone around me keeps talking nostalgically about summer, complaining about the shorter nights, and talking about Autumn. But I’m actually really excited about September – in my opinion, it’s the best month of the year! Here’s why.

 Good Weather

As much as I’m obsessed with frosty mornings, I’m aware most people hate winter weather. But don’t worry! The days of getting caught in an icy downpour are far from now. September actually has the same – if not better – weather than August. In 2016, the hottest day of the year was actually in mid-September! Generally speaking though, you’re less likely to get one of those really hot, unbearably sticky, sunny days in September. Just lots of sunshine, low 20 temperatures and beautiful sunsets.

 Kids Are Back to School

If you have children, it means you get a break! If you don’t, it means the streets are less busy, the shops emptier, and you can go back to having lunch in your favourite park without the risk of getting hit by a rogue football (almost).

 Winter Bod

Summer is officially on its way out. Unless you’re planning on going on an Autumn holiday, you can stop worrying about your summer body! This includes everything from dieting, to a weekly upkeep of fake tan.

 Autumn Fashion

In the same vein, Autumn fashion is the best! It’s not so cold you need a big jacket, winter boots and a hat, but you can definitely start introducing a light jacket, some ankles boots and a scarf towards the end of the month. If you’re feeling extra, you can incorporate the autumnal colour scheme into your wardrobe – lots of oranges, reds, browns and purples. (Plus with October just round the corner, why not start Halloween early and try out a dark lip shade?)

 It’s the Best Time To Fall In Love

Contrary to belief set by the cast of Grease, Summer is not the best time to fall in love. With the nights drawing in, the thought of partying all night loses favour to the idea of curling up with a hot chocolate in front of the TV. Sound good? You aren’t the only person thinking this, meaning that Autumn is the season where most people are looking for relationships. Go out and fall in love!

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